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Unlock your true potential by learning the secrets of intonation and left-hand cello technique in a book from two of the world's most preeminent cello teachers.
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CelloMind is a wonderful new book on intonation. It is the clearest and most comprehensive discussion of the subject I have seen, and an important contribution to string pedagogy.
--Paul Katz, Cleveland Quartet, Professor of Cello - NEC, CelloBello.com Founder

How this book will help you...

Have you ever doubted your intonation? Have you experienced the need to place pitches differently from one piece to another, or even from one measure to another? If so, you are not alone. Trying to decipher intonation is often frustrating and undermines the confidence of some of the most accomplished and talented musicians.

CelloMind is a two-part, pedagogical method book that has been written to help musicians understand HOW intonation works and, more importantly, WHY it works the way it does. Purchase of the book includes exclusive access to an online resource portal with supplemental videos and audio.


Complete with thorough explanations and practical examples, CelloMind is designed to enhance and elevate your cello playing.

Become a Master of Intonation

Master Intonation

The mystery of intonation is revealed in Part I by defining the scientific principles behind it, and providing easy, intuitive examples of each concept. Understanding intonation theories will improve your ability to play in tune and guide you to cultivate and sharpen your skills.

CelloMind Part 1 - Intonation

World-renowned Professor Hans Jørgen Jensen was once asked by his student: “Why do I have to play that note higher?” after he had asked for a certain pitch to be raised. His answer was simple: “Because it sounds better.” The student responded: “I don’t think so…I like it lower.”

At its core, intonation is very personal, subjective, and intuitive. However, understanding the science behind intonation and integrating it with our natural instinct can open up a whole new world of possibilities in our playing. The student’s question above spurred Professor Jensen to begin searching for the answer to that seemingly simple question: “Why do I have to play that note higher (or lower)?”

This book is that answer.

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Develop a solid left-hand technique

Left Hand Technique

Embark on a journey exploring various left-hand techniques in Part II. The musical exercises have been specifically designed and written to teach you how to play faster, shift with greater accuracy, and develop proper left-hand balance in all positions.

CelloMind Part 2 - Technique

The left-hand technique chapters in Part II of this book complement the study of intonation by providing a solid foundation for general cello playing. The topics and exercises have been selected to cover a wide range of different technical skills, including: playing with a light left-hand touch, speed, coordination, balanced vibrato, agility, finger independence, and effcient shifting.

These fifteen chapters include original exercises developed for students over many years, as well as studies from Klengel, Cossmann, Feuillard, Duport and others that have been specifically adapted for this book.

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Take lessons on-the-go with digital resources

Resource Portal

Purchase the hard copy and get complete access to our online portal, complete with supplemental video demonstrations of select lessons with additional content and resources. Conveniently access the portal anywhere using your computer or mobile device.

Resource Portal with Filters

The portal includes over 200 videos that illustrate all the basic concepts and exercises from CelloMind, as well as diving deeper into advanced topics. It also includes graphics and charts that explore and clarify various scientific principles.

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